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Simeon Ola y Arboleda

September 2, 2011 marks the 146th birth anniversary of Gen. Simeon A. Ola, the last revolutionary general to surrender at the end of the Philippine-American War. By virtue of Proclamation No. 222 issued by the Malacañan Palace, special non-working holiday will be observed in the Province of Albay to give its people the opportunity to celebrate said occasion.

Simeon A. Ola (September 2, 1865 – February 14, 1952) was a hero of the Philippine Revolution and the last general to surrender to American forces during the Philippine-American War.

Simeon Ola was born on September 2, 1865 to Vicente Ola and Apolonia Arboleda, whom was ordinary citizens with few money. He was enrolled in Holy Rosary Minor Seminary and attended the Philosophy, but didn’t finish the course. He joined the the local branch of the Katipunan in his hometown province of Albay and later became the leader. With the help of a parish priest he was able to acquire arms to support his men. Promoted to the rank of captain after the battle of Camalig in Albay, 1898 and again promoted to the rank of major after a daring ambush mission that led to the capture of three Americans. He was also the leader of the subsequent valiant attacks on Albay towns namely, Oas, Ligao and Jovellar. He later surrendered in condition that his men would be granted amnesty, he was put on trial and was proven guilty of sedition and was sentenced to thirty years inprisonment. In 1904, he was given a pardon and returned to his place of birth and became the municipal president. The regional police command in Legazpi City (Camp General Simeon A. Ola) was named after him.

Simeon Ola died on February 14, 1952 and was interred at the Roman Catholic Cemetery of Guinobatan.



The 22nd Philippine Ad Congress

The number one tourist destination in the Philippines is set to host the 22nd Philippine Advertising Congress (PAC). With the theme “Change the Game”, Camsur will be hosting the Advertising Congress for the very first time. Happening on November 16-19, 2011 at the Camsur Watersports Complex, the 22nd PAC aims to encourage the advertising industry to take charge of future by breaking through old habits and creating opportunities out of the unprecedented challenges confronting the industry today.

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Albay Song by Buckyard Boyz

From way down south, where Mayon is at
There’s a few things that you gotta know
First Buckyard boyz just startin’ the show
Pack your bags and we’re ready to go
Bounce to the spot from island to island
You’ll be mesmerize from city to highland
Swim to the beach, roam to the cave
It aint no worry coz were all behave
Kapit bisig lagi bayanihan
Talagang uragon Bicolano iyan
Talagang apo ni Baltog, talagang dai nag papadaug
Madya na sa kabikolan para mahiling ta mga kagayunan
Mari na na, sumabay ka na para di mauryan
Sabi ta baga Dios Mabalos saindo gabos


I’m from, we’re from, you’re from Albay
We represent the city of smile (smile)
We’re proud ‘coz we got what it takes to rock the mic right (hey)

Napakasarap diba kung iisipin na, namulat ako sa lugar na tunay na pinagpala
Simula sa bagay na nakikita ng iyong mata, larawan ng Albay na tunay na magaganda
Byahe na, sige na, tayo na, sama na, ‘di ka magsisisi ‘wag ka nang magalinlangan pa
‘wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan Bicolano ka atin nang ipag sigawan.
Ibandila ang pangalan ng Legazpi, pagmamahal na kasing init ng sili,
Ipadama ‘wag kimkimin sa’ting sarili, respeto sa kapwa Bicolano mananatili.
Habang nabubuhay pa, habang ako’y humihinga, habang umuusok pa, Mayon na napakaganda,
Utak Bicolano ‘to, sarili kong liriko, ‘di ako mahihiyang humawak ng micropono…


I’m from, we’re from, you’re from Albay
We represent the city of smile (smile)
Were proud ‘coz we got what it takes to rock the mic right (hey)

From tha land where Mayon stood still
A place where you can laugh, sit back and chill
Hop from one, to anotha beautiful spot
And when you gotta meet us locals, you will like us a lot
Cuz where naturally smart, talento’y sagad sagad
Certified na mauurag Albayano mananggad
Kahit na ano pang hamon, hinding hindi aatrasan
Wag na wag mong susubukan baka ka ma anghangan
Yan ang Albayano mauurag talaga
From Ligao to Tabaco, Legazpi-Daraga
Pirang bagyong nag-agi kita nagkaralantupan
Pag ka lipas pirang bulan, urulukon nanaman
I’m an Albayano and I’m proud to be one
If you’re proud to, come raise up your hand
Divided we fall, united we stand
It’s time to stand for our Brand

breakdown (ad libs)


I’m from, we’re from, you’re from Albay
We represent the city of smile (smile)
Were proud ‘coz we got what it takes to rock the mic right (hey)