I Face 2012: Making it to the Swatch Enter the Dragon Top 50

Annually, The Philippine Star and Swatch celebrates Chinese New Year with an Art Competition. This year marked the 7th year of the contest and it focused on finding the most creative T-Shirt designs.

I decided to join the competition for the first time, and yeah, I made it to the top 50! Hopefully, there were hundreds of entries sent to the competition! LOL. Anyways, the prizes at stake were P100K + Swatch Year of the Dragon watch (1st Prize), P50K + Swatch Year of the Dragon watch (2nd Prize), P30K + Swatch Year of the Dragon watch (3rd Prize), P20K + Swatch Year of the Dragon watch (4th Prize), 10 Year of the Dragon watches for 10 honorable mentions, and of course the faction where I was placed, 36 P1K Gift Certificates for 36 chosen finalists, completing the Top 50 shirt designs. Only the Top 14 winners (4 major and 10 honorable) were invited to the Swatch Dragon Ball Party, held at Salon de Ning and graced by none other than Swatch ambassadress Anne Curtis! Why just the Top 14?! :O

The competition required the participants to send an actual T-Shirt entry depicting this year’s theme, Enter the Dragon. Designs should be inspired by any Swatch watch. Originally, I planned to create an entry having Swatch Year of the Dragon watch as the inspiration. But due to the constraint of not having a material with exact shade of blue available and as pictured below, I was forced to revise my plan.

I finally decided to have a long-sleeved blue ensemble stitched with a purple-colored dragon’s face in front. I named my entry, “I Face 2012”. Swatch Transition watch was my inspiration in designing my shirt. The brief description I attached to my entry reads like this, “Long-sleeved shirt stitched with a dragon’s face in front. It depicts dragon’s passion, courage and optimism needed to FACE 2012.”

After carefully checking that all of the requirements in joining the competition were not overlooked (i.e., Entry Form cut from The Philippine Star, Contest Guidelines Acceptance Form from any Swatch Stores [SM North Edsa] completely filled up, entry sealed in a plastic envelope with my sign on the flap), I finally sent my entry on February 23, 2012, 7 days before the deadline. The call for entries ran for almost two months.

I was formally informed that I was able to grab a P1K Swatch Gift Certificate when I received the letter from Gift Gate, Inc. As of this publishing, my request for the prize to be sent to my preferred address is on the process.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the actual entry. Only the soft design above was left in my possession. Actual entries will not be returned since one of the mechanics in the Contest Guidelines Acceptance Form which all the participants signed reads, “The entries of the top 50 finalists will automatically become the exclusive property of Gift Gate Inc. and may be used, copied, reproduced and/or reprinted by Gift Gate Inc. into any size or medium for a fashion show, exhibition, advertising, promotion or whatever purpose.”

That’s it! Looking forward to joining next year’s Swatch SNAKE Art Contest! I was born under Snake, so hopefully, it will somehow be in my favor! 😉

The blogger is Julius R. Satparam. Art Buff. Believer. Inquirer. You can reach him thru this blog, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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